What is Web Development? How is it different from Web Design?

If you imagine a website as a building, web designers are like the architects, and web developers are like the engineers that make the architect’s vision come to life. They take all the stylistic and aesthetic elements of the website, and turn them into functioning websites.

The very best websites come about when designers and developers are able to work together towards a shared vision. As both web development and web design agency, Divine Online Solutions is able to bring all these aspects together seamlessly!

Website Design & Development

Our Services

Logo Design

Creative brand identity design to get your company to stand out from your competitors. We look forward to creating your unique logo!

Website Design

Drive the right audience to your content. Optimise your website with mobile-friendly design for the best user experience and SEO results.

Web Development

Custom Web development that meets your website expectations. Responsive design that adapts for optimised mobile display.

Brochure Sites

An 'Online Business Card' for your unique brand. Customised website design according to your brand guidelines and wireframe.

E-Commerce Sites

Start selling your products and services online with a customised easy-to-use (and manage) WordPress CMS.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Getting traffic to your website & understanding what it does is critical in increasing revenue and online visibility.



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